Course Open Trolleys and Buggies allowed.

Golf Mark AwardLewes Golf Club has always encouraged Junior Golfers and the members are great supporters of the Junior section. We are proud to have been awarded a Golf Mark accreditation which acknowledges that we have an excellent facility for Juniors to enjoy the game in the right environment.

Why start playing golf?

Golf gives children the opportunity to meet new people, build new friendships and develop communication and social skills. Golf also teaches etiquette and fair play, great attributes for any young person. Golf is a game where you spend hours outdoors keeping fit and healthy. Most importantly golf is good fun!

Who can play golf?

Golf is a game open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, size or ability and is a game that can be enjoyed throughout life. Golf has a unique handicap system which means anybody can play with each other and have a competitive match.

Why choose Lewes Golf Club?

At Lewes we have a young and upcoming junior section run by our junior organiser and club professionals who are all passionate about getting people into the game. The facilities are excellent and the course has many quiet times which are great for juniors going out to develop their game in a safe environment. Junior coaching sessions are also available.

What do I get for my membership?

The junior membership includes organised sessions every Saturday as part of the membership with further coaching sessions available. Membership also gives you access to the practice facilities (Driving Range, Putting Green and a Chipping Green) and full use of the golf course (excluding Saturday mornings unless accompanied by an adult). Children and parents also have access to the clubhouse where food and drink are served in a comfortable environment. See fixtures list below for more information.

What competitions can juniors take part in?

We regularly host junior stableford competitions which juniors can enter for a small fee and which are great for improving their games and handicaps. When juniors reach a higher standard we recommend they move onto a junior plus membership and take advantage of Lewes’ great inclusivity, where juniors have a suitable handicap (28 Boys, 36 Girls) they can play in most men’s and ladies competitions.

The Junior Committee organise a comprehensive range of events for Juniors of all ages and abilities to take part in.

Junior Programme - Summer 2017




Junior Events & Competitions
A description of the events and competitions available to Junior members Read more
Junior Programme of events
The programme of events available to Juniors is available to view here. Read more
Junior Memberships
We offer two categories of Junior membership that are open to anyone who is under the age of 18 on Jan 1st of the current year and one category specifically aimed at the under 10's who are just starting to learn the game. Read more
Meet the Junior Team
Tony Hilton  I am the Golf Professional at Lewes Golf Club. I started playing golf aged 6 and joined Lewes as a Junior Member on my 8th Birthday. Golf is a wonderful sport, it is a great challenge, lots of fun and extremely rewarding. I have had many fantastic experiences through playing golf and I would encourage everyone to try it. Read more
Junior Code of Conduct
Ensure that all golfers are able to participate in golf without fear of ridicule, harassment or restriction Read more
Information for Parents & Guardians
We are very pleased that your child has chosen to join Lewes Golf Club. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced golfer, we hope that your child enjoys golf and the time spent at the Club. Read more