Head Greenkeeper Blog

Tims September Update

Hello everyone
I hope your keeping well. Sorry for the late update, we have been very busy with greens and tees maintenance, as well as starting to cut and collect the long rough.
I am very pleased with the way the team completed renovations, we had a couple of hiccups but once we got going the process became smoother.
Here is the order of the work we carried out for renovations on the greens,
• Top dress Greens with 40 tonne of sand
• Verti-drained using ¾ inch tines to a depth of 7 inches
• Brushed sand into holes
• Micro tined using 6mm tines to depth 3inches
• Brushed sand
• Topped up some greens with a top dressing
• Overseeded with pure Red Fescue
• Sprayed wetting agent/seaweed plus iron
• Cut 10 days later
We have started to verti-drain the greens to encourage the roots deeper, to help move rainwater quickly though the soil profile to keep the surface as dry as possible. This will also help relieve compaction.
We will be verti-draining twice a year, which will run alongside slitting throughout the winter and as much pencil tining as we can in the growing season.
On top of all this we have tined the tees with 8mm tine, seeded and top dressed. They have been fed now, just before the rain, and you can hopefully all see that the seed has started to grow and the tees are looking much better.
Talking of rain, in August and September so far, we have had 97mm of rain. This seems a lot but as we all know the 30+ temperatures plus the winds and long dry periods has meant we have used the irrigation system and plenty of hand watering when possible to keep on top of moisture levels as best as we can.
The team worked extremely hard to get the work done in the challenging heat and we have to say a big thank you to Colin, Simon and Callum for completing the work. Also, a thank you to our Greens Committee member Richard Turner and Greens Chairman Kevin Osman for helping us hand water the tees.

Long rough maintenance.
I’m sure you all have seen the long rough being cut (and the smoke, sorry) this has been going very well and I’m pleased with the amount of organic matter (grass) we have taken out. In an ideal world we would have been able to take the grass away to a compost area but we just don’t have the time or man power to take it away, so burning the piles is our only option at this moment in time.
This work has been overseen by the Park Ranger Jan Knowlson. We have had some very positive conversations regarding this work and the clubs working relationship with her is very good, and we both hope she can start to bring her volunteers back to help on the course soon.

Coming up to our Club Championship I believe the greens are in a good place for this time of year and let’s hope the weather holds for the weekend.

Many Thanks
Tim Brewster your Head Greenkeeper