Golf Course Open.

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Hole Seventeen

Hole Seventeen - Par 3

A bunker guards to the right of this very small green. The ball will feed in from the left edge of the green. The green tilts from towards the town and allow plenty of borrow for your putts, even from close range.

  Par yards S.I.
3 156 12
3 149 12
3 143 12

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Boundary stone
On the 17th green sits another Boundary Stone, this time to mark the boundary of the old Borough of Lewes, which was replaced by the District in 1972. Beating the Bounds also known as Gangdays and going-aganging dates back to before the Norman conquest. This stone was part of the route for the Lewes day. A group of residents young and old would walk the boundaries and when a marker or stone was reached as part of the ceremony boys would beat it with green boughs normally of birch or willow.