Course Open
Ensure that all golfers are able to participate in golf without fear of
ridicule, harassment or restriction
Treat other golfers with the same respect and fairness you would like
them to show you.
Demonstrate fair play on and off the course. Respect differences in
gender, disability, culture, race, ethnicity, age, social orientation and
religious beliefs between yourself and others.
Challenge discrimination and prejudice.
Look out for yourself and the welfare of others.
Do not engage in any irresponsible, dangerous, abusive,
inappropriate or illegal behaviour.
Challenge behaviour that falls below the expected standards of the
County or Club.
Speak out if you have concerns about anything, your own needs or
the needs of others.
Be organized and on time.
You must not:
- Consume alcohol or illegal or performance enhancing drugs
- Use foul language
- Engage in sexual behaviour
- Leave the facility for any reason without telling the supervising