Golf Course Open. Visitor bookings available from Monday 27th July, please call the pro Shop

(updated 31 July at 08:01)

We are very pleased that your child has chosen to join Lewes Golf Club. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced golfer, we hope that your child enjoys golf and the time spent at the Club.

Lewes Golf Club is committed to ensuring that Junior Golf is run both efficiently and effectively. Parents/Guardians should be aware that we operate a Child Protection Policy and as such strive to provide an environment of care, patience, understanding and encouragement. If you have any concerns for any Junior please do speak to the Child Protection Officer, Tony Hilton.

It is important you complete the Contact and Medical Information for our records.

If you would like to discuss any issues raised by this communication, please speak to the Office.

Notes for Parents/Guardians on Safety

Many golf courses are situated in secluded areas such as nature reserves, and we are concerned that your child is as safe as reasonably practicable whilst playing golf. By the very nature of the sport there may be long periods when they are out on the course unsupervised. Juniors aged 11 and under are not permitted on the golf course unless with their parent/guardian, or an adult authorised by you. In the latter circumstances, the Pro Shop must be informed before your child goes out onto the course.

The Professional, Tony Hilton who is on the Junior Committee or anyone in the Pro Shop will help to arrange games. There are notices on the Junior Notice Board on forthcoming events. A Junior Bulletin is issued at the beginning of the season with details of annual events.

When juniors are travelling to away fixtures it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure their child arrives at the match and is collected on time.

For general or informal play it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure they are dropped off and collected from the club at suitable times, especially in relation to daylight hours. Please be aware that the Clubhouse usually closes at dusk in the winter and at 6.00 in the summer and all Juniors should have left the Club by that time as there may be no adults on the premises. Please ensure that your child knows what time they are being collected, where they are being met and who is collecting them.

Check your household insurance to make sure your child has suitable insurance cover. The club’s insurance does not cover loss of equipment, including items left in a locker at the Club.

If your child has a mobile phone, it is a good idea to keep it with them in their golf bag as a safety precaution. However, whilst on the course it must be left switched off unless it is an emergency.