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A Springtime Buzz: Good News and a Call to Action for Our Bees

Spring has sprung at Lewes Golf Club, and with it comes exciting news for our beekeeping efforts!
Despite the recent chilly weather, two of our bee colonies are already buzzing with activity. Thanks to the generous donation of a colony by Tony Dunn and my own beekeeping care, our bee population is steadily recovering after last year's losses.

Beehives have been settled in a secluded, peaceful area on Lewes Golf Course
We have hives located in a secluded area up on the course.

We are optimistic that this year will bring a bountiful honey harvest, allowing us to share the sweet rewards of these industrious pollinators.

A busy Bumble Bee forages for nectar at Lewes Golf Course
Bees are vital pollinators that we need to encourage up and around Lewes Golf Course

However, there is also a pressing threat to our beloved bees. The Asian hornet, an invasive predator, has established itself in the UK and poses a significant danger to our native pollinator populations. Last year alone, 74 nests were destroyed mostly in Kent, and Sussex is likely next on the invasion path.

A close up of the head of an Asian Hornet.
Are we BEE-ing Invaded? Asian Hornets could be found in Sussex this Summer!

Here's how you can help:

  • Be vigilant: Familiarize yourself with the key features of Asian hornets:

  • Yellow legs

  • Orange face

  • Almost black body with a single wide orange band on the abdomen

  • Report sightings: If you suspect you've seen an Asian hornet, download the Asian Hornet Watch app or visit to report your sighting immediately.

  • Set traps: Attract and potentially trap Asian hornets by hanging a plastic bottle filled with a sugary solution or a jam jar with a teaspoon of jam in your garden.

  • Spread awareness: Share this information with your fellow golfers and encourage them to join our efforts in protecting our bees.

An Asian Hornet
Asian Hornets - Report sittings to help manage this menace to our native bee population.

Together, we can make a difference.

Additional resources:

  • Hilary: I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about Asian hornets or beekeeping in general.

  • Mandy: Pick up a free leaflet from the clubhouse for more detailed information on Asian hornets and how to identify them.

  • Manek Dubash (Asian Hornet Coordinator) Tel: 07762 312592

Jars of delicious golden honey produced from hives up on Lewes Golf Course in East Sussex
The first pot is the sweetest! We produced honey last summer from hives on Lewes Golf Course.

By working together, we can protect our vital bee population and ensure a healthy, thriving ecosystem for all. Let's bee vigilant and help our bees flourish!

Thank you for your support!



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