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Lewes Golf Club, Patience, Bunker Improvements & February Course Update

Out on the new Toro Sidewinder ride-on-mower whilst the weather permits.
You get a good indication of just HOW much rain we have had by the water holding up on the land in the background affecting farmland across Swanborough and Iford.

February has been a challenging month for the greenkeeping team at Lewes Golf Club. While the first few days offered some dry spells, the weather quickly turned and completing essential tasks became a test of dedication...

Bunker Improvements:

One of the newly refurbished bunkers up on the 6th green with new drainage solutions and turf, just awaiting new sand by April.
Bunker renovations on the 6th & 15th have seen the installation of new drains.

We're pleased to report that the newly installed drains on the 6th and 15th bunkers are already making a significant difference. These bunkers, notorious for holding vast amounts of water during winter, are now draining effectively.

One of the bunkers up at the 6th green with its newly added grip clad steps.
Newly added grip clad steps seen here onone of the bunkers up on the 6th green

Additionally, we've added grip-clad steps to the bunkers for improved access in slippery conditions. Once the sand is filled in, the step height will be minimized, and further adjustments will be made if necessary.

Sustainable Practices:

The team is committed to responsible course management. We're proud to share that all the soil used for shaping the bunkers was recycled material from the course itself, including composted grass collected from long-grass areas. This approach not only saved the club money but also reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability.

A tractor at work with our new long grass collecting machine. The grass has been composted and repurposed to help the shaping of our newly renovated bunkers across the course.
Back in the Autumn we cut, collected and composted grass from the 'long grass' areas this has now been repurposed along with soil from the course itself to shape the renovated bunkers across the course. to help shape the renovated bunkers.

New Turf & Course Maintenance:

Nine pallets of high-quality turf, supplied by C B Winters, have been laid across the course. While most of the turf has begun to establish itself, the larger areas on the 6th and 15th holes will require a few more weeks before seeing growth.

We anticipate having these bunker areas filled with sand and opened for play by late March or early April. However, the recent weather conditions may necessitate further delays. We kindly request your patience as the course recovers.

A newly turfed area at the 6th green bunker is establishing itself nicely as can been seen.
Nine pallets of high-quality turf have recently been laid across the course.

Impact of Heavy Rainfall:

A stunning looking 8th green at lewes Golf Club this despite the course receiving over 250 mm of rainfall during February 2024
Considering the course has received in excess of 250 mm of rain so far during February, as can been seen here at the 8th - the course is looking sensational and playing well, all things considered.

February has seen a significant amount of rainfall, exceeding 250mm so far. While this is crucial for long-term course health, it has unfortunately hampered our ability to maintain playing surfaces to our usual high standards. Cutting the tees, surrounds, fairways, and rough right now would simply create muddy conditions, impacting both playability and course recovery.

Looking Forward:

We understand that this situation may be frustrating for some players, and we appreciate your patience. Warmer and drier weather is on the horizon, and the course will bounce back quickly once the conditions improve. In the meantime, we kindly ask all golfers to continue following the white lines, repairing pitchmarks on the greens, and carrying their golf bags whenever possible to minimize wear and tear on the course.

Did you know?

The average number of ball marks made on a green per round is 8 per golfer. Assuming only 130 rounds are played each day on our course, the greens receive a stagering 1,040 impressions daily, 31,500 per month or more than 375,000 per year!

Are you wondering how to make a putt under these conditions?

Please Repair Your Pitchmarks

Diagram showing how to repair PitchMarks on a golf course
How to repair a 'pitchmark'.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to welcoming you back to a beautiful and playable course soon!

Lewes Golf Clubs head greenkeeper, Tim Brewster sat on one of the clubs new fleet of Toro machines February 24
There's plenty to thank him for - Head Greenkeeper Tim Brewster on the clubs new Toro Sidewinder.

Kind regards,

Tim Brewster Head Greenkeeper

Lewes Golf Club


Lewes Golf Club fully endorses England Golf's Respect in Golf initiative.
Golf for ALL Lewes Golf Club fully supports and endorses RESPECT IN GOLF


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