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            The 16th             

The 16th Green and Fairway at Lewes Golf Course in Lewes East Sussex. Shot on a beautiful bright and sunny Summers day.

Pro Tips

Into the prevailing wind the marker post is a good line. Longer hitters may take a line over the mound to the right and cut a bit of the corner bringing the green into range for the second shot. A birdie opportunity, but out of bounds to the right and gorse to the left gives little margin for error with the second shot. The green is the flattest on the course but subtle breaks make it tricky to read.

The Lewes Martyrs Memorial

Looking beyond the 16th green you can see The Martyrs memorial erected in 1901 and paid for by public subscription. This commemorates the 17 Protestant Martyrs burned at the stake on Lewes High Street between 1555 and 1557 for refusing to renounce their Protestant faith and take up the teachings of the Catholic Church as decreed by Queen Mary 1st (also known as Bloody Mary).

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