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            The 9th             

Pro Tips

The drive is relatively straight forward, but the blind second shot requires some thought. It is worth walking to the ridge to get a line if unfamiliar with the course. The approach is tricky as any shot left will be swept into the gulley leaving a difficult up and down.

The Camels Humps

As you come over the ridge on the 9th and approach the green the Camels Humps come into view, thus named because of the modern day shape. This is a Long Barrow built during the Neolithic age. It would have been much larger, with no central dip and it would have been covered in flint or chalk rather than grass and would have been visible for miles around. It was excavated by famous archaeologist and local resident Gideon Mantell about one hundred and seventy years ago and an axe head was discovered. This excavation sadly caused the humps.

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