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Lewes Golf Club Elevates Course Conditions with New Toro Mower Fleet

Lewes Golf Club is thrilled to announce the addition of a new Toro mower fleet to its cutting-edge turfcare equipment. This investment reflects our unwavering commitment to providing our members and guests with an exceptional golfing experience, and it demonstrates our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of course conditions.

The new Toro mowers feature advanced technology and design that will enable us to optimize our turfgrass management practices. These machines are equipped with precision mowing decks, brushless motors, and intelligent features that will help us achieve our desired level of smoothness, consistency, and playability.

We are confident that our new Toro mower fleet will play a pivotal role in ensuring that Lewes Golf Club remains a premier destination for golfers of all skill levels. We are committed to providing our members and guests with an exceptional golfing experience, and we believe that this investment will significantly enhance their enjoyment of the course.

Tim Brewster and his greenkeeping team have just taken delivery of a fleet of brand new Toro Greenkeeping Machinery at Lewes Golf Club.
Sitting Pretty

Upcoming Winter Development Project

In addition to our new Toro mower fleet, we are also excited to announce an upcoming winter development project. During this project, we will be reconditioning eight of our bunkers. This includes removing old sand and replacing it with fresh, high-quality sand. We will also be reshaping the bunkers and adding new drainage systems.

We believe that this project will significantly improve the playing conditions of our bunkers. Bunkers are a critical part of the game of golf, and they can make or break a player's round. We are committed to providing our members and guests with the best possible bunker experience, and we believe that this reconditioning project will achieve that goal.

The greenkeeping team and their sparkling new Toro greenkeeping machinery that recently arrived at Lewes Golf Club.
The brand new Toro fleet at Lewes Golf Club is a sure sign of our commitment to the future of our historic, stunning golf course.

Stay Tuned for Updates from Lewes Golf Club

We will be providing updates on our new Toro mower fleet and our winter development project throughout the year. We encourage you to follow us on social media or sign up for our email list to receive the latest news and information.

Seasons Greetings from all at Lewes Golf Club


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