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            The 14th             

A rainbow forms behind the 1th green at Lewes Golf Course amidst the atumnal rain showers of late October 2023 #LewesGolfClub #JonnyWattUKPhotographer

Pro Tips

A tough tee shot with a bunker left and gorse to the right. The right hand edge of the bunker is a good line as the ridge in the fairway will feed the ball into the centre. The second shot plays uphill and an extra club is required.

Lewes Prison

Looking back from the 14th tee over the town you can see Lewes Prison. The prison is Victorian  built in 1853. One of the first uses was to hold three hundred Finnish Grenadiers captured during the Crimean War. Leading protagonists of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising including Harry Boland, Eamon de Valera, Frank Lawless and Thomas Ashe were held at the prison. The infamous gangster and murderer Reggie Kray spent a short part of his thirty two years behind bars at Lewes and Mick Jagger was held there on drugs charges in the sixties.

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