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            The 13th             

The 13th Tee (White) at Lewes Golf Course with stunning far reaching views behind of the Sussex Ouse River Valley.

Pro Tips

From an elevated tee the prevailing breeze makes this a testing tee shot that narrows the further you hit. Favour the right hand side with the tee shot, anything left will be blocked out by the trees that flank the left side of the fairway. The right hand corner of the green is a good line for your approach, pitch it short of the green and watch it feed towards the hole.

Sussex Ouse Flood Plain

Looking down the 13th you can see the river Ouse and its flood plain. In the early 10th century Lewes was made a fortified settlement with town walls being built. However, no wall was built to the south as this is where the river lies. The river is tidal and for many centuries regularly flooded the flat area that can be seen around it. This made a natural defence for the town and even when not flooded the land was marshy and treacherous to those who did not know the area.

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