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            The 2nd             

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Pro Tips

The marker pole is a good line from the tee but if you miss, left is better than right. The second shot needs to be straight as the green is an upturned saucer with run offs on either side. If you find yourself past the flag approach your putt with care, it is likely to be very quick!

The Cricket Pitch

Cricket was played on Cliffe Hill with the first official game of the Cliffe Hill Cricket Club thought to be played in June 1775. Before rules about boundaries were defined there were stories of batsmen hitting the ball out of the ground into the Combe and keeping on running until almost exhausted before the ball was retrieved. The pitch was thought to be just short of the 2nd green and in 1996, the year of the Clubs centenary, a game of cricket was played as part of the celebrations. 

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